Optimization And Operations Remot Networking

Offshore operations

The Situation: A leading global producer of crude oil and natural gaslooked for a way to stay ahead of dynamic market demands and overcome challenges associated with offshore oil and gas Automation. As part of an innovative technology project and with the help of Honeywell, this company built a Solutions to help coordinate control of multiple offshore platforms in the North Sea, and improve operations and efficiency.

The Situation: As a major international producer of primary and fabricated aluminum sought to enhance production and raw material efficiencies across its refining business, it turned to Honeywell to provide a standardized process control infrastructure and controlsolutions across multiple refineries in six countries.

In this particular case, the bigger-picture business goal was time to first oil enabled by an out-of-the-box, customized solution. Even bigger than that, though, is that the refiner estimates a 4-to-6 percent production increase with real-time data networking and analysis.

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